Could a bad actor spoof your email domain?

Email is still the number one threat gateway in any organization – by far.

One common type of email cyber-attack, spoofing, can lead to look-alike payment requests to your clients, data loss and reputational damage.

Our Email Security Spotlight report will tell you if there are settings issues that could cost you money and put your business at risk.

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Peace of mind is just a click away

Get a snapshot that clearly summarizes whether your email settings are insecure – or if you have a clean bill of health.

Take advantage of this concise summary from an award winning, cybersecurity-focused IT company that has hardened over 1000 business email environments.

In minutes, get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re secure – or in knowing what needs to be fixed.

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Dramatic reductions in all kinds of threats

When a financial services company was receiving fake Microsoft password reset emails, we performed an email security audit, found the gaps, then hardened the environment.

This one-time settings project permanently stopped the phony password reset requests.

Proper email security settings help prevent not just phishing, but many other kinds of email threats, too.

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