Managed Cybersecurity Services

With so many threats rising in the technology landscape, you need someone with a tactical approach to help combat these challenges. With reliable business technology services and an experienced team of cybersecurity experts, KaufmanIT is ready and able to help you confront the daily cybersecurity challenges you face.

What Cybersecurity Challenges are Businesses Facing Today?

Due to the ever-evolving threat landscape, businesses must be prepared for any one of the following:

Data Breaches

Data breaches can be devastating to an organization, leading to financial losses, reputation damage and legal costs.

Financial Fraud

There are a range of different threats that could lead to fraud. These include phishing attacks, malware infections or other criminal activity.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious issue where criminals steal individuals’ personal information for malicious reasons such as taking out loans in someone else’s name or hijacking their bank accounts.

Reputational Damage

A security breach can lead to negative publicity and damage your company’s reputation as well as its relationships with customers, partners and vendors.

Downtime Expenses

Downtime caused by a cyber attack can cause you loss of business, customers and revenue due to the disruption in services.

Regulation & Litigation Costs

Governments are increasingly introducing laws that require organizations to comply with specific cybersecurity standards, which can result in fines or legal action if not met.


How Can KaufmanIT Help?

At KaufmanIT, managed cybersecurity services is what we do best – our team of security professionals have experience in a variety of service areas. We understand how important it is to have a secure network environment to protect your sensitive business data. Our managed cybersecurity services offer you peace of mind knowing that threats will be stopped before they become an issue.

What Our Cybersecurity Services Include

Our managed cybersecurity services offer a full suite of security solutions, including:

Managed endpoint security provides advanced protection against malicious software and other threats at the device level to help keep your data safe.

Managed email security helps protect against spam, phishing attacks, viruses and other malicious threats.

We provide firewall protection to ensure that only authorized traffic is allowed on your network. Our managed firewall solutions also help detect and block malicious activity before it can cause any damage.

We offer vulnerability scanning and cybersecurity assessments services to detect weaknesses in your network before they can be exploited by adversaries.


Request an Cybersecurity Assessment Today

At KaufmanIT, we understand that keeping your business secure is of utmost importance. That’s why we offer managed cybersecurity services tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Request a IT audit today and let us help you protect your business from cyber threats!

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