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When conveying an organization’s value proposition, presenting information in a captivating and interactive manner is essential for most businesses.

What many companies don’t realize, however, is that a terrific app for creating such content already exists within their 365 instances.

Microsoft Sway, a dynamic presentation tool, offers a refreshing approach to content creation, allowing users to craft visually stunning and immersive presentations, reports, newsletters and more.

Later in this blog post, we have embedded two sample projects so you can see for yourself how beautiful Sway presentations can be, plus I’ll describe how to start using this versatile application. Most important, however, is how quickly and easily Sway projects can be put together.

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First, though, some of Sway’s benefits:

  1. Visual Storytelling: Microsoft Sway provides a canvas for visual storytelling that combines text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements, which enables you to create compelling presentations that resonate with your audience.
  2. Seamless Design: Sway comes with a collection of pre-designed templates and styles, ensuring that your presentations have a professional and polished look without the need for extensive design skills. The intuitive interface allows users to focus on content creation and storytelling rather than spending time on formatting.
  3. Responsive Layouts: Sway automatically adapts to different screen sizes and devices, making it an ideal tool for creating presentations that look great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This responsive design ensures that your content remains accessible and visually appealing regardless of the viewing platform.
  4. Collaboration and Co-Authoring: Multiple users can work on a single project simultaneously. This feature enhances teamwork and allows team members to contribute their ideas, making it an excellent tool for group projects, reports, and presentations.
  5. OneDrive and SharePoint Integration: Sway integrates seamlessly with Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, making it easy to import and incorporate content from these platforms directly into your presentation. This feature streamlines content sharing and ensures that you always have access to the latest versions of your files.
  6. Interactive Elements: Sway offers a range of interactive elements to engage your audience. Quizzes, polls, and embedded social media feeds elevate your presentations beyond static slideshows, encouraging audience participation and feedback.

A story of climbing Mt. Rainier showcasing Sway’s horizontal layout option

Getting Started with Microsoft Sway

Access: To start using Sway, access it through your web browser or download the Sway app on your Windows 10 device and login with your 365 account.

Create: Once you’re logged in, click on “Create New” to start a new Sway project. If you need a little help, click “Start from a topic” instead and Sway will help populate an outline you can then customize. A third option for getting started allows you to upload an existing document to kick-start your design process.

Content: You can insert text, images, videos and other media from your local files, OneDrive or other online sources. Organize your content by dragging and dropping entire sections that help the presentation flow logically.

Design: Customize the appearance of your Sway by choosing from various design options and color schemes. Sway’s built-in Design Remix feature allows you to experiment with different styles effortlessly.

Share: Preview your Sway to ensure that all elements are displayed as desired. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, click “Share” to generate a link that you can distribute to your audience. You can also embed your new Sway on a website or share it directly on social media.

Bears show us Sway’s vertical layout and click-to-enlarge features


Microsoft Sway is a versatile and intuitive presentation tool that empowers users to create captivating and interactive content. With its simple design features, seamless integration with Microsoft services and responsive layouts, Sway offers a refreshing approach to visual storytelling and communication.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can get even more value from your Microsoft 365 license and can start using Sway to elevate your presentations, reports and newsletters to a whole new level.

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