Cool Features May Explain Why More Users are Drifting from Chrome to Edge

By Matthew Kaufman December 19, 2023

While we support users of both Macs and PCs here at KaufmanIT, most of our clients use Microsoft 365.

And as Outlook, Teams other common 365 tools become more deeply integrated into the browser, we have noticed clients increasingly making use of Edge instead of Chrome. For those readers who find they’re also starting to make use of Microsoft’s browser, here are three really cool features you might want to check out in Edge.

Collaborate via the Browser with Workspaces

Synchronizing a team’s efforts on a project can be challenging, especially when dealing with scattered links through emails or chats. Workspaces—a collaborative solution featuring a shared collection of browser tabs – addresses this common need by ensuring everyone has simultaneous access to the same websites and files in real-time.

Whether utilized individually or collectively, Edge Workspaces streamlines project management by consolidating websites and files in one accessible location. For instance:

  • Instead of exchanging numerous project links within a team, create an Edge Workspace with project-related websites and files as open browser tabs. Share the workspace effortlessly with a single link and everyone can witness real-time updates, fostering seamless collaboration.
  • For those juggling multiple projects, organize open tabs with an Edge Workspace for each project. Whenever you need to focus on a specific project, simply open its designated Edge Workspace, conveniently presenting all associated websites and working files in one cohesive environment.

If you don’t see the Workspaces icon in the top-left corner, perhaps update your browser; users need to be on Edge version 114 or later to make use of this feature.

Use Your Favorite Site Like a Desktop App

To check out this really cool feature, go to the “…” menu at the top/right of the Edge browser, the click it and select “Apps.” From there, you’ll find the option to install the current site as a desktop app, which opens the page in a dedicated window. It’s then free from the typical menu clutter, url line, bookmarks bar and more. You can conveniently add it to both your Start menu and taskbar, as seen in the screenshot below.


For some in our office this functionality transformative. For instance, our director of sales uses our CRM, Hubspot, in this manner. He already found the browser experience preferable to the Hubspot’s Windows desktop app (which is being deprecated in late January, anyway), which made this feature a no brainer.

This functionality allows him to use the CRM webpage like it’s an app, while also preventing it from getting lost amid a sea of tabs. While Chrome offers a comparable feature, Edge elevates web apps, consolidating them under a single menu for easy installation and permission management.

Organize Various Forms of Web Content with Collections

Collections can assist in a range of online activities, both business and personal. Whether you’re shopping, planning trips, gathering research notes or resuming previous internet exploration, it’s easy to get hooked on this feature once you try it. The following video shows the power and flexibility quite clearly:


(Clicking the image will open the video in a new tab)

To create a new collection, click on the Collections icon in the upper-right corner of Microsoft Edge and choose “Start new collection” (if you don’t see the icon, click the three dots at the top right, then choose More Tools and you’ll see it).  Modify the collection title by selecting it at the top of the Collections pane.

Then, adding content to your collection is easy:

  • Use “Add current page” to save an entire webpage.
  • Drag and drop images or links/highlighted text into the collection.
  • Each added content generates a card with essential information and a link for quick access, facilitating a streamlined return to your ongoing tasks.

And of course, Collections syncs across all your signed-in devices, ensuring real-time updates no matter which device you’re using.

Three pretty cool features, and this is really just scratching the surface on what has become a terrific browser. If you’re still using Chrome, we get it. Still, consider giving Edge a try sometime… you might find yourself not going back!

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